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  • Abatus India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of e-Cycle, e-Rickshaw, e-Bike, in Rudrapur Factory UK in India. Having being incorporated in the year 2021, which over 1 years of hard-earned experience in the electronics industry, Abatus India Pvt Ltd boasts of its industrial competence with specialized high performance technology and state of the art equipment required towards electronic vehicles. We take pride in our products and services, working towards a mission of “EV your world”.


    Abatus India Pvt Ltd with its vast experience, in-house R&D Team and technical know-how, it fully equipped and capable of providing world-class solutions, customized according to the needs of our clients. With an advanced engineering and product planning team and strong software capabilities relating to the EV business, Abatus continues to offer cutting edge EV solutions for small, medium and large enterprises and now Abatus is also entering in E Car.

    Our employee work with a motto of “customer comes first”, giving utmost importance to providing quality services with excellent back-end support. Our dedication towards excellence and quality in our products and services is matched by our commitment to create a world-class work force, with only the best of the industry as our personnel.

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